Fall/Winter Mystery Box!

Fall/Winter Mystery Box!

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THIS IS FOR GIRLS ONLY! ( We do not offer a boy's mystery box at the time)

In your Bubblegum Mystery Box you will be getting 3 products and the occasional headband/bow that can be retailed up to $75 in total! For a small price of $19.99! Products you receive may vary between dresses, outfits, headbands, bows, shirts and more! 

Your products you receive will be selected from 1000's of never before seen styles that we offer in the category of FALL/WINTER! So you may not receive the exact products of what you see in the pictures!

YOU CAN GET AS MANY AS YOU WANT!!! While supplies last!! 

19.99 does not include shipping fee!

Size 10 can fit up to a 12!